Make every call your best call

In real-time

Being real-time helps you crush each call… during the call, not a week later in a coaching session.

Talk ratio, Delivery Speed, Monologues, Filler words and more.

All tracked and coached, real-time, next to your video call.

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1: Book a 15-min white-glove onboarding

We'll give you a quick demo, answer any questions you have and get you up and running.

2: See the magic

Akkompany's sales coach sits next to your video call window giving you real-time feedback.

Like a world-class sales coach riding along on every call.

3: Get better in real-time

Are you talking too much?…

Know in the moment, to change in the moment.

4: Improve over time

Watch as you get better over time as you consistently use what works.

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Real-time means real-time

Akkompany gives feedback during calls while it's still actionable.

Seamlessly integrates

Akkompany works with your existing dialer and video conferencing.

Doesn't distract reps​

Built for real-time by developing alongside hundreds of reps using the product while selling.

But I have
call recording

The 1 to 1 problem - time.

It costs you one minute to watch a minute of call recording.

How many hours do you invest watching game tape?

Real-time feedback means you spend less time watching.​

The 1 week problem - iteration.

A pro athlete has coaches supporting every minute of every day to perfect their craft. This is possible, but unless you're ready to have a 1 to 1 manager to rep ratio, technology will need to bridge the gap.

I already give feedback​

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"What makes Akkompany great is that it's right there, giving you real time feedback so you can change your behavior on the call.There's no delay. No waiting for coaching. It's coaching you, right there, as you're selling."

Pete Kazanjy

CoFounder and CRO of Atrium

Is this the way to accelerate development?​

Real-time accelerates growth by up to 10x. 

We've seen results in as little as 2 days.

Have reps listening to prospects more

in as little as two days!​

Get better in the moment, to own the Moment.

It's that simple.